what to bring

Be ready

It’s best to work directly on the skin so clients should bring comfortable clothing to be treated in. Loose fitting shorts or swim trunks for men. Loose fitting shorts and Sports bra or two piece swimsuit for women.

Please no lotions. Lotions make it difficult to obtain long, slow releases essential to reaching the collagen layer.

Specialized Intensive Treatment Programs are therapeutic programs designed for individuals with complex chronic pain and/or movement difficulties who have not responded to traditional medical, surgical or conventional therapy. The treatment program ranges from: one day, multi-day, or to one or two weeks. Clients often come in from out of town and stay in local hotels and Bed & Breakfasts.

Treatment sessions range from one to several hours depending on the needs of the individual. Sessions begin with a visual evaluation to help determine the root cause of the clients complaint. The treatment then tailored to the clients needs, so no two sessions are ever alike.

Payment, in the form of check or cash, is requested at the time of each visit. Currently I do not accept credit cards.

Your appointment is scheduled specifically for you. Please give 24 hour notice for cancellations, otherwise you will be charged a full fee.
Multiple hour sessions available.